Digital Visiting Card

“ If You Want Something You Never Had, You Have to Do Something You’ve Never Done. ”

– Thomas Jefferson

Benefits of Digital Visiting Card

Easy to share :

Digital business cards can be easily shared, stored and searched. It can be easily shared through E-mail, WhatsApp, etc

Professional Standout :

Now the days there are only few peoples are using this digital cards, so you can easily impress your customer and standout with Digital Cards.

Economic Friendly :

As it can be easily managed on device, it does not required paper for printing. So its indirectly helps our environment by reducing tree cutting.

Cost Effective :

Since its does not required redesigning or reprinting, it saves much of cost as compare to regular paper printed cards.

Smart Contact Management :

The card is provided with smart clickable functionality for Calling, WhatsApp, E-mail, Google Map, Website and other social media links. 

You can select any one of below types of Digital Visiting Catrd

100 + Designs are available

D V Card Type 1 : 1x3

D V Card Type 2 : 1x2

D V Card Type 3 : 2x5

This all above are single page digital cards. If you wants tow or three pages design you will get it.

Double Page : 1st contact details & 2nd product/ services.

Triple Page : All in double pages + Payment QR code

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