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How to apply for part time work ?

How to apply for part time work ?

Let see, How to apply for part time work from anywhere using your mobile and internet. Just read three below steps.

  • Apply for an affiliate program
  • Start Working
  • Get payout

Note : Click on image to zoom it.

How to apply for an affiliate program :

Step 1 :

Open your browser and type https://www.decentwebzone.com or simply click on this link.

After opening the site click on register menu. See image for reference.

Step 2 :

Now fill the registration form opened in your browser.

Read all terms & conditions carefully and submit form.  See image for reference.

Step 3 :

You will get a notification after successfully submission of form and your application will be approved within few min.

After approval you can login by clicking on Affiliate Login menu. If you don’t have password you can click Lost your password option for getting new one. See image for reference.

Step 4 :

When you login you will get such interface.

Now just simply click on Store Affiliates menu at top side. See image for reference.

Step 5 :

Here you will see a Welcome note with successfully approval of your application.

Now click on Review Terms and Get Started as shown.

Step 6 :

Read Terms &Conditions carefully and click on Apply to Terms.

Step 7 :

Select appropriate payment method and submit.

You have successfully applied and completed the 1st step in How to apply for part time work?.

Now see how to start working to earn money in your extra time.

How to start working :

  1. Completing all above process of opening account and applying for an affiliates program restart your browser login to your account. Now click on Store Affiliates Dashboard on menu bar. Here you will see your dashboard with various details tabs.

2. Click on https://www.decentwebzone.com and select any one of package shown on page by simply clicking on order now button given at the bottom of each packages.

3 . You will see detail view of package. Copy URL of the page which is required for generating your referral link.

4. Now paste the URL here as shown and click on GENERATE REFERRAL URL button as given.

5. The new URL generated which is your referral URL. Copy this link and share to all your social network like Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, LinkedIn, or any other social platform. You will get only paid when someone clicks on your referral link and purchase services/ packages.

In case you have any question regarding this work you can mai on info@decentwebzone.com

Best of luck for your work…!!!